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The most common central cooling system is a split air conditioning system, including an outdoor cabinet containing a condenser coil and compressor, and an indoor evaporator coil installed above your furnace or may be inside of your air handler for customers with electric heat. The compressor pumps a chemical called refrigerant through the system.

How It Works

Once warm air inside your home blows across the indoor evaporator coil, its heat energy transfers to the refrigerant inside the coil. That transfer, in turn, “cools” the air. The refrigerant is pumped back to the compressor where the cycle begins again. The heat absorbed by the refrigerant is moved outside your home while cooled air is blown inside. Moisture that contributes to humidity is also condensed out of the air.

Your cooling system is usually combined with your central heating system because they share the same duct-work for distributing conditioned air throughout your home.
While in Rochester, NY we don’t experience the extreme high temperatures of the Southern States, we do experience throughout our summers the uncomfortable hot muggy days.  Central Air Conditioning will keep your home dry as well as cool to create a comfortable indoor environment all summer long.

To assure a proper functioning Air Conditioner unit, schedule a maintenance today, to have an Airquip Service Technician clean and inspect your air conditioner.  With our fast and friendly service, including our fully stocked service vehicles and responsive dispatch communication, we can have your system maintained, repaired or replaced in no time! Our qualified and trained air conditioning technicians are eager to serve you.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Throughout Rochester, NY many homes do not have duct-work for central air.  Homes with hot water baseboard heat, radiant floor heating or even steam heating systems used to have to use window air conditioner units or through the wall units to cool the homes.  These units can be loud, difficult to install and uninstall as well as incredibly inefficient.  Airquip has a new solution for those customers, Ductless Air Conditioning.  For more information on how this technology can help you cool your ductless home, or an addition or other hard to heat/cool areas of homes and businesses, visit our Ductless Air Conditioning Page.


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