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Forced Air Gas Furnaces are the most popular heating equipment keeping Rochester homes warm all winter long. Typically they are located in the basement, however in some homes they could be in the attic, crawl space or garage. Other heating equipment include Electric Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Hot Water Boilers and Steam Boilers. All heating systems consist of two main components: 1) A Heating Source 2) A Delivery System. When these two components work efficiently together, you get a comfortable and even temperature throughout your home. When either of these components fail, you may experience cold rooms or worse, a cold house while you continue to pay an arm and a leg for your utility bills.

The winters in Rochester are predictable, COLD! You don't want to be caught with out an efficient and functioning heating system in your home. To assure your system is working correctly call 585-641-3080 or contact us here to have Airquip fully inspect and clean your system. With our fast and friendly service, including our fully stocked service vehicles and responsive dispatch communication, we can have your system serviced, repaired or replaced in no time! Our qualified and trained technicians are eager to serve you.


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