The temperatures are starting to drop, and we know how long and cold winter can be. Doing a few simple things to make sure your house is ready can go a long way, and can save you money and aggravation later. Every home is unique, but here are 5 Do It Yourself steps that any home could use, and you could take care of it in one night no problem! If you have any other questions, or need some help getting ready for the winter please call us at (585) 641-3080! 

1. Put away your hoses. You aren’t going to be using your hose from here until the spring, and if there is any water in there it’s just going to freeze. Putting your hose away now keeps it in good condition and out of the way when it comes to removing snow. Make sure to drain your hose before putting it away too! Leftover water can get all over if you don't make sure it's drained before storing it for the winter.

2. Take out your window air conditioning units. Some people put covers on the units, but really the best move is to remove them for the winter. Even a really good installation of a window unit leaves some air pass through the cracks of the window, and most allow a lot of cold air in and hot air out in the winter. Keep your home better insulated by taking them out for the season.

Either change your window unit or cover your outdoor unit if you have Central Air Conditioning. Make sure not to cover the unit with a tarp or anything that gives critters a location to be sheltered from the elements. All that is needed is a piece of plywood to cover the top of the unit with a brick on top of the plywood to keep the majority of snow from going in!

3. Turn your heater on now! I'm sure at this point most people have turned on their heating system, but if you haven't please do it now! Even if you turn it on for 5 minutes to make sure it's working properly and safely, that's all you need. If you wait until you absolutely need heat, and for some reason your system isn't working, it can be a tough situation, sometimes even dangerous depending on who lives in the house. Children and older residents who are more prone to sickness can't afford to live in a freezing house even for a few days.

4. Change your air filter. Changing out your air filter is inexpensive, and will help keep the air that you are breathing clean. Not everyone changes their air filter out from season to season, even though it's not too difficult or costly. There are a few different types and styles, but we recommend getting the pleated filter. It’s not too expensive, and it does a great job of cleaning up the air.

5. Check for leaks in your home. Making sure there isn’t a lot of leakage in your home is key to keeping your home warm, as well as keeping energy bills to a minimum. Energy efficiency is a huge point of emphasis today, and one of the best ways to become more energy efficient is to make sure you are keeping your home insulated. When you seal the leaks in your home, you reduce the amount of heating, or cooling for that matter, that is needed to keep the home comfortable. This could mean a drafty door, window, or attic space. This will save you money, and keep you Rochester home cozy!

6. Icicles are a bad sign. This is something to keep in mind for when it does get colder and start to snow. If you see icicles forming on your gutters or rooftop, it’s a sign that your upstairs or attic is getting a lot of heat. Making sure that your attic door is properly sealed, and your roof is insulated, will keep the warm air in your living space, instead of seeping through your roof. Icicles only mean the heat is getting to the outside, and costing you money and comfort.

If you have any questions, or feel that you need some professional help getting your home ready for winter you have come to the right place! We have been working with people all over Rochester Area for years, and would be glad to help make your home comfortable all year long. Our phone number is (585) 641-3080, or you could email!
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