It's the time of the year when people are first turning on their heating systems. For some, it's as easy as flipping the system on, and getting comfy in your home. But for others it can come with problems. If your heating system hasn't been used for months, it can sometimes use a simple cleaning, a tune up, repair, or even may have to be replaced. For one Rochester home owner, that happened to be the case.

CJ had a 20 year old furnace, and once he turned it on, it began short cycling. This means that it kept turning on and then off really quickly. This can cause further damage to a system, as well as not properly heat the home. 

Once he had the system checked out, CJ decided that it needed to be replaced. He knew that it was the right move, seeing as the furnace was 20 years old, and a new one would do a more efficient job, while probably being much more energy efficient as well. 

After making the decision to replace, he then called around and received some quotes from different contractors. Replacing a system like this is a big decision, and a long term solution for homeowners, so it's important that research be done when making the final purchase and deciding who will do the installation. 

After speaking with Kevin Deal, a comfort specialist at Airquip, CJ decided that we were the choice for him. Factoring in price, experience, and the overall feeling that working with Airquip gave him, CJ decided to choose Aiquip to do the job. Kevin recommended a new Trane Gas High Efficiency Furnace. This should not only keep his house warm, but keep the energy bills lower as well.

Replacing this furnace can give CJ peace of mind knowing that his furnace is now: 

  • Safe
  • Energy Efficient
  • Reliable

CJ was very pleased with the replacement, and that we took a look at the whole system, including the duct work. He mentioned that he had not had the ducts cleaned the entire time he was living there, since 2004! The ducts are how the heat and air travel throughout the house, so it is very important that they are in good condition. Faulty duct work can allow air to leak, or cycle dirty air throughout the house.

When we took a look at the ducts, it wasn't too pretty. It was clear they hadn't been cleaned out in years, but that was no matter. We cleaned the ducts out, leaving CJ knowing that him and his family were now breathing clean air, and not wasting energy with leaks in their duct work. 

It was great to see that CJ was so pleased with the work we had done, that he even left us with a quote on Facebook about his experience with Airquip,

"Well yesterday we had our furnace replaced. It was time. The old furnace was 20 years old and it was short cycling. We got some quotes and chose Airquip. The young man who put in the furnace did a very good job. He also cleaned our ducts today. The ducts hadn't been cleaned since we have lived here. We moved here in 2004. Oh my they were dirty. The brand of furnace we got was a Trane." 

We love hearing quotes like this from our customers, and want to keep them coming. If you have any questions about your heating and cooling systems, duct work, or any home comfort issue, please call us at (585)-641-3080. 

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