Our Old & Ugly Furnace Contest is finally complete! There were a bunch of submissions, even more votes, and the winner was chosen by the people! Our lucky winner, Allison from Rochester, has also had her new equipment installed. If you take a look at the picture on the right, you can see Allison standing next to the "winning" Old & Ugly Furnace.

The Contest 

When we started our Old & Ugly Furnace Contest, we knew we would come across a lot of OLD equipment, and a lot of awesome people who cared about their homes. We received entries ranging from about 10 year old furnaces, to furnaces that were possibly up to 100 years old! One entry was an old furnace that ran on coal, and was converted to a wood furnace. 

We went out and checked on the furnaces from the submissions. We wanted to select the 5 Oldest & Ugliest furnaces, and also make sure that our contestants were still safe despite having such old equipment. Having an old furnace can be a dangerous situation if it isn't checked on and isn't properly serviced. The contest is fun for us, but ensuring that our entrants aren't going to be in any danger is more important.

The Winner

We chose 5 final contestants, and we let the people decide. We held a vote with a picture of each old & ugly furnace. After about a week of voting, Allison was voted our winner!

Here is the winning description of Allison's Furnace Situation:

"Allison is the not so proud owner of a 58 year old furnace that is incredibly inefficient and in need of replacement. She has spent years renovating and upgrading her 1890 home to conserve energy yet a new furnace has been out of her reach. A new one is desperately needed!"

The Finished Product

Allison was extremely excited to hear that she had won the contest! 58 years was long enough with her old furnace, and she was ready to have some fresh, new equipment heating her home. 

The contest was for a new TRANE XT95 Furnace, a value of approximately $3,000, including labor and installation. 

Not only will this new furnace properly heat the home, but it will also do it more efficiently! Old equipment not only struggles to work at times, but will also use up more energy to get the job done. This can result in much higher energy bills than necessary, and is another reason to make sure your equipment is well maintained, especially if it's very old. 


Allison is thrilled with her new Trane Furnace, and we are happy that our contest could help out a Rochester homeowner who wanted to improve her family's living situation. 

Be sure to be on the lookout for the next contest we have going on, and as always, please call us at (585) 641-3080, or visit Airquipheating.com for any of your home comfort needs! 

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