When the seasons change, you probably start looking forward to the warmer weather. If you have a summer home or a winter lodge, it’s usually something to get excited about. 
However, for the rest of the year, the house is mostly out of sight and out of mind. As a result, there’s usually a lot of prep to do before you’re ready to use it. 
A smart thermostat makes all that a little easier, and it can also save you money on your energy bills. It can even help you prevent problems in the offseason.
Of course, that seems like a lot for one little device. But, a smart thermostat can go a long way when you know how to make the most of it. It’s not much different than a regular thermostat. And, if you’re used to using apps on your phone or tablet, it’s a breeze to pick up. 
For the most part, smart thermostats work like regular ones. You set it to the temperature you want in your home. The thermostat measures the current temperature. Then, it turns on your HVAC system when it needs to heat or cool the house. 
What’s different is how you can control it. A smart thermostat hooks up to wifi. This makes it accessible from just about anywhere. 
To use it, you download an app on your smart device. From there, you can control the settings from anywhere as long as you are online. This also lets you schedule times for the temperature to change. Some models also let you measure and treat humidity. 
You can use these features to really make the most of your home. Let’s take a look at a few ways a smart thermostat can work for you. 

A smart thermostat saves money in your home

Saving money is a big draw for smart thermostats. And, that’s really attractive for a home you may not spend all year in. You want to feel relaxed when you’re there. Who wants to worry about extra bills and costs? 
Smart thermostats help keep those utility bills down. For starters, they are ENERGY STAR®-certified. They help your HVAC system use less gas, electricity or oil to heat and cool your home. They do so in part thanks to new technology. 
The sensors in smart thermostats are much better than sensors in older ones. As a result, they can get a more accurate read of the temperature. You can track all this from your phone, tablet or computer with an app, and make changes when you need to. 
Or, certain programs allow you to not even worry about that. Smart thermostats begin to “learn” your schedule. Based on the times you raise or lower the temperatures, it can expect when you’ll want the home warmer or cooler. 
This goes a long way if, say, you forget to adjust the thermostat at night. And, most people don’t think to change the heat or cooling by a few degrees when they are leaving the house in the morning. 
The smart thermostat can make those changes for you. And, it’s programmed to make the best, most energy efficient choices. This way, you don’t set the temperature too hot or cold when you’re not there. When this happens, you end up using more energy to get the climate control back where you want it when you return. Smart thermostats take care of that before it happens.

A smart thermostat increases comfort in your home

Using a smart thermostat remotely can help make a vacation home, or your year round home more comfortable from the moment you get there. And, it can keep it that way all season. 
It’s common for vacations homes to feel a little stale and stuffy when you first arrive. They’ve been closed up for months. The air hasn’t been able to move around much. Dust, condensation, and allergens build up. 
That’s where a smart thermostat can help. From anywhere, you can turn on your air conditioner a day or so before you arrive. That way, the air has moved around and the home is cool when you get there. 
Smart thermostats are also very useful if you share the house or rent it out. Now, you don’t have to worry about how others are keeping the place. You can monitor the temperature at any time. And, you can make changes if you think it’s getting too hot or cold in there. 

A smart thermostat helps maintain a vacation home in the offseason

A smart thermostat doesn’t stop working once you close up your home again. There’s plenty it can do to help you during the offseason, too. 
For starters, smart thermostats let you keep tabs on your vacation house when you’re not there. If it suddenly becomes very hot or cold, for instance, you’ll know. And, you can make changes in an instant if you need to. 
This is very useful in the dead of winter. If no one is there, it makes sense to keep the heat much lower than usual. 
However, there’s a chance your pipes can freeze when it’s less than 20 degrees outside. If this happens, you can end up with a burst pipe if too much water backs up. 
You can set your app to alert you to extreme temperatures. If it goes off, simply set the temperature higher for a while in your home. This helps prevent frozen pipes. 
Meanwhile, another problem is humidity. If you’ve got a winter lodge, higher temperatures in the summer mean more moisture in the air. However, this can affect summer homes as well. 
Generally, there is less humidity in the air when it’s cold. However, rain or melting snow can seep into the home through the basement or small openings. 
Once those elements are in, it’s harder for them to get out. The windows are still closed all the time. This means that moisture stays in the home. 
As humidity builds up, it can cause problems. Peeling wallpaper and rot around the wood frames of windows are common. Too much humidity also creates breeding grounds for mold and small bugs. 
One way to deal with this is installing a dehumidifier. Or, in a pinch, turning on your air conditioner can help. This lowers the humidity and moves that warm air out of the house. 
But, you don’t want to run those for months and months. That’s where the smart thermostat comes in. 
Smart thermostats have built-in humidistats. These measure the percentage of moisture in the home. Just as with extreme temperatures, you can set yours to alert you when humidity is too high or too low. 
Once this happens, you can make whatever changes you need. Now, no matter where you are, you can relax knowing that your vacation home is in good shape. A smart thermostat can make your summer home or winter lodge ready for you all year. 
Do you want to make sure your vacation home is in great shape even when you’re not using it? Contact us to find out how we can help you improve the climate control, and save money on your energy bills, for your vacation home. 
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