When the weather starts to get warmer, do you just walk over to your thermostat and turn the air conditioning on? This sounds pretty easy going and logical right? The truth is, there are a few steps you should be taking before that first heat wave to make sure your system is prepared for the summer! If you follow these simple steps, the benefits will range from your home comfort to your bank account! Here we will break down the steps you should take, as well as the benefits that come along with each step. 

1. Change Your Filter 

3 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioner This SummerThis may be the simplest thing to do, but it's more important than you may think. A filter's job is to do exactly what its name says: FILTER. When you run your air conditioning, and sometimes your heating system (depending on what type) you use the ducts in your home to disperse the conditioned air to every part of your home. The way this is done is by blowing the air through the ducts. As the air is blown, dust and debris are usually swept up in it as well. This is all caught by the filter you have in your system. You should change your filters a few times a year, but this is something that's often forgotten. Making happen is easy, inexpensive, and will help you keep the air CLEAN inside your home. 
Benefits: Cleaner Air, Longer System Lifespan 

2. Have Your A/C Serviced By A Professional
Would you drive a car for years without ever having the oil changed or an inspection? Absolutely not! If you did that your car would die YEARS before it should, and it would never run well while it worked. The same applies to the Air Conditioning System in your home. If you go years without having a professional take a look at it, it could result in breakdowns, repairs being needed, and inefficiency. When you have your system serviced, the technician will first take a look at everything and make sure there are no glaring problems with your unit. Then they'll make sure everything is working properly, and tune it up to make sure it's running efficiently. 

Most people are under the impression that a service like this is costing you money, but what they don't realize is that it's actually SAVING money in the long run. Here are a few of the ways it saves you money:
  • Avoid Costly Repairs: The biggest thing is avoiding unnecessary repairs and breakdowns. When your system breaks, you'll have to pay for the parts and labor. if you have your system maintained regularly, you should be able to get ahead of these problems, and either replace the part before it breaks, or make sure that it won't break at all! 
  • Increase Efficiency, and Lower Energy Bills: This is something that is not always evident to people. If your electric bill is rising every year, it's not because of simple inflation. The more likely scenario is that your A/C is working harder to do the same job it has been doing its whole life. As the system gets older, it loses efficiency, meaning it has to run harder to do the same job. You aren't getting any more comfortable than before, in fact, it may feel less comfortable. Having your system looked at regularly will help you to run at the max efficiency possible, keeping your energy bills as low as possible. 
  • Increases Lifespan: Just like it was mentioned above, having a pro service your system regularly will make sure you get the most years possible out of it. An air conditioning system should last for 10+ years, and giving it a "checkup" every so often will ensure that it makes it to the double digits! 
Benefits: Fewer Breakdowns and Repairs Needed, System will work when needed, Lower energy bills, Longer lifespan

Universal Savings Agreement From Airquip

Have your Rochester home ready for the summer! We offer service plans of 2 and 4 years. Here are a few details about what we offer, and how we can keep your AC in tip-top shape. 

What are the Benefits?

 15% discount on repair service (labor and
materials, including filters)
 No additional overtime service charge
(between the hours of 8AM-10PM)
 Priority customer service
 Improved efficiency on equipment
 Inflation protection for up to 4 years
 No warranty processing fees.
 Reminder call to schedule
(Discount does not apply to diagnostic charge, or to new installations)

2-Year Service Agreement

Any single furnace or air conditioner
$176 + 8% tax = $190.08*
($88.00 per cleaning)
Any combo furnace & air conditioner
$352 + 8% tax = $380.16*
($88.00 per cleaning)
(Regular tune-up rate for one unit is $98.00 + tax)

4-Year Service Agreement

Any single furnace or air conditioner
$326 + 8% tax = $352.08*
($81.50 per cleaning)
Any combo furnace & air conditioner
$652 + 8% tax = $704.16*
($81.50 per cleaning)
(Regular tune-up rate for one unit is $98.00 + tax)
* For Ontario County customers
the sales tax is 7.5%

3. Clear Around Your AC System

This is a simple one, but something that may go forgotten. Over the winter and fall, you had leaves, sticks and maybe some dirt build up around your system. You don't want anything disrupting the fan, or causing any sort of hold ups or snags. Make sure you clean up around your system, remove anything that may have fallen on top or inside. If you didn't have a professional look at it, you could also hose it all off. Make sure to turn off the power to your system, take a hose, and spray the coils. This will help to clean out the coils and make sure that built up dirt isn't weighing down the fans. Then you can turn your clean Air Conditioning system back on! 

Benefits: System won't break down due to outside damage, will last longer.
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