One of the most costly and frustrating things is having to call an HVAC company about a broken down heating or cooling system. Chances are it's very uncomfortable in your home and the contractor is busy during the coldest/hottest times of the year. While waiting for a technician to come out, you're probably also wondering what it is going to cost to repair it. This is one of the most common reasons we suggest having your system maintained regularly by a professional. Just like having the oil changed in your car to make it run smoothly, having regular maintenance on your HVAC systems will do the same! 

A lot of people will forget to have their systems serviced every year. It's not always something that is at the front of your mind when the seasons change, but it makes a bigger impact than you may realize. This is why we recommend an annual maintenance plan to ensure you have a yearly cleaning and inspection on your units, while saving money on any repairs you may need as well. Without regular maintenance being done on your systems, you are running the risk of breakdowns, shortened system lifespan, and spending too much on energy bills. 

At Airquip, we offer the Universal Savings Agreement.  We offer a 2 or 4-year agreement, which could be on a single system (heating OR cooling),
or a combo of both systems (heating AND cooling).

*2 year plans discounts the cleanings $21.00 per unit
*4 year plans discounts the cleanings $26.50 per unit.

 Customers are guaranteed these rates even if the rates change during the period of time they are on the plan.

These plans also come with some other benefits and savings as well... 

  • 15% discount on repair service (labor and materials, including filters)
  • No additional overtime service charge (between the hours of 8AM-10PM)
  • Priority customer service
  • Improved efficiency on equipment
  • Inflation protection for up to 4 years
  • No warranty processing fees. 
  • Reminder call to schedule
Talk To Someone At Airquip About Universal Savings Agreements
The Benefits of Regular Maintenance 
  • Increases Energy Efficiency & Saves On Energy Bills
  • Increases System Lifespan
  • Increases Home Comfort Levels 
         If you have any questions about these maintenance agreements, give our office a call at 585-641-3080 or email us at Info@airquipheating.com. 
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