The growth of Smart technology has been noticeable in the past 10 years. Everything is becoming more intuitive in order to better serve consumers. This ranges from smartphones to cars, to home appliances. There is constantly a push for smarter technology, and your heating and cooling system is no different. 

Smart thermostats come in several different styles and are made by many different companies. They may be a newer technology, but there is certainly no lack of options or diversity when it comes to smart thermostats. Here are some of our favorite features smart thermostats have to offer... 

Remote Access

The Benefits Of A Smart ThermostatThis may seem simple, but sometimes the simple things should be appreciated. A smart thermostat gives you access to your heating and cooling system from your phone, tablet, or computer. There is usually an app you can download that will allow you to check on the HVAC system from your phone, as well as adjust it, whether you're home or not. This may not seem like a huge deal, but it adds an extra layer of convenience to your HVAC system. For example, if you were away from your home for a few days, you can turn your system down in order to save on energy costs. Then when you are coming home, you can turn it back on before you arrive to make sure the house is comfortable when you get back. Right there you saved money, were able to adjust the system after you left, in case you forgot, and were able to turn it back on so you didn't have to wait hours for it to make the home comfy again when you arrive. 

This is a fantastic feature for any home, but especially in second homes that you may not use very often. You are able to check on the temperature at your home away from home, and adjust it if need be. Suppose this home is in an area where the weather can dip below freezing. This could lead to frozen pipes and significant property damage. Simply turning up the heat a little bit from miles away can keep your pipes from freezing. 

One of the smaller, but sweeter benefits is that you can control the thermostat from anywhere in your home. If you are sitting on the couch cuddled up in some blankets, but you want to turn the thermostat up a few degrees, you don't have to move! Just use your phone to turn up the heat (Also great while laying in bed).

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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has always been important when it comes to innovation. Every inventor wants to improve upon a product or create one that does a better job. A more EFFICIENT job. Smart thermostats aim to do just that. Through learning features as well as programmable systems, smart thermostats are designed to keep your home as comfortable as possible, while using the least amount of energy. 

- Programmable - Smart thermostats don't always have to be manually adjusted to fit your home comfort needs or your schedule. There are some that allow you to program a schedule. For instance, your work week can be different from your weekend, and the thermostat will adjust accordingly. You can also set day and night differently. Over time these small adjustments will save you money while providing maximum comfort for your home. 

- Learning - Some smart thermostats can learn from your patterns. Just like the programmable thermostats that can be set to fit your schedule, some of these actually pay attention to the changes you make in your routines. They can then adjust themselves according to how you normally like the temperature set at different times of the day. 

- Account For All The Data - Smart thermostats pay attention to different aspects of your comfort. A traditional thermostat would only account for the temperature, and not worry about the energy used, or other comfort factors. Some smart thermostats can also account for humidity, and almost all of them store data about the energy that is being used, and what factors go into it. One of the most uncomfortable aspects of being comfortable can be the humidity. It can be too high in the summer and cause that stuffy, sticky heat. In the winter it can dip too low leading to dry air. This is bad for your skin, and for breathing. A thermostat that can help adjust the humidity is going to use less energy than trying to compensate with using warmer or cooler air. 

A smart thermostat will also analyze what the best way is to heat or cool your home while using the least amount of energy, based on the data it records. Instead of repeating patterns that use unnecessary energy, your thermostat learns the best ways to use the smallest amount of energy to do the best job. 

Environmentally Friendly 

In a new report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, one of the 4 best ways to prevent climate change was installing a smart thermostat. Due to the reduced amount of energy being used, there are fewer greenhouse emissions coming from your HVAC equipment. Here is an article talking about a few of the other things that can be done to help prevent climate change. With the increased need to be aware of what we are doing to the environment, little improvements like this one are a no-brainer. You make your home more comfortable, save money, and help the environment. 

There you have it! Smart thermostats save you money, make your home more comfortable, are more accessible, and better for the environment! If you want to make a simple home improvement that will pay off in many different ways in the long run, a smart thermostat is what you are looking for!

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