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When you are getting ready for the warm weather, there some things you can do around your home to make your life a little easier, and your home a little comfier. Obviously, having your air conditioner looked at by a professional is at the top of the list, but we want to give you some DIY (Do It Yourself) tips to get your Rochester home ready for the warmer weather. 

  1. Change your air filter - If you have a professional come to service your HVAC system they can do this as well, but if you wanted to get ahead of the curve, this is a simple task. If you have an HVAC system that uses ducts and vents, which most people normally do, then you have a filter that catches airborne irritants that flow through the system. After a while, your filter becomes dirty and clogged, leading to a need for replacement. Filters aren't too expensive, usually running between $15 - $50. Simply find the space in your HVAC system where your filter is, take the old one out, and slide the new one in. This will help keep the air in your home cleaner, the flow of the air in your home better, and your HVAC system sees less wear and tear. 
  2. Clear sticks and leaves from your outdoor unit - If your HVAC system outside has been uncovered for the winter, go take a look at it. If there's a bunch of leaves, sticks, and other debris that have fallen on it, or gotten into it over the winter, clear that stuff out. This is an easy task, but if things have gotten deep into the system and it has to be taken apart, leave that to the pros. 
  3. Move furniture away from vents - Making sure your vents are clear is essential to have the proper air flow throughout your home. If you have a couch or other piece of furniture blocking a vent it could cause hot or cold spots, as well as do damage to your HVAC system. When the air is being pushed but has nowhere to go, it backs up your HVAC system, but the thermostat still indicates that there needs to be more cool air. Your system will work harder than it should, while not getting the job done. 
  4. Make sure ceiling fans are counter-clockwise - In the summer your fans should be spinning counter-clockwise, in order to blow the air straight down. This is the common use for ceiling fans, but in the winter they can be turned clockwise to allow warm air to disperse more evenly. If you had your fans turned clockwise for the winter, make sure you switch them up for the summertime. 
  5. Use shades/blinds - Sunlight coming into your home easily changes the temperature by a few degrees. Using shades and blinds during the day to keep the sun out will help you keep the temperature down naturally. Conversely, if it's a little chilly on certain spring days, make sure the sun can shine through an warm your home up a bit. Either way, using the sun to your advantage is an easy way to shave a few degrees here and there. 
  6. Stay hydrated - This isn't as much of a DIY home tip as a way to keep YOURSELF feeling good when the heat kicks in. Making sure you are drinking plenty of water and limiting drinks that dehydrate you will help you feel better and more energetic during the summer months. 
  7. Clean gutters and rain spouts - We are about to get into a rainy season, and making sure your gutters and rain spouts are clear can prevent you from major problems. If leaves and sticks have been sitting in your gutters over the winter, they can weigh them down as well as prevent water from flowing easily. The gutters are designed to push water away from your home, leaving less chance for leaking and flooding. You don't want them working improperly, or collapsing because they are too heavy. 
  8. Clean your home and swap seasonal clothes - Giving your home a solid cleaning this time of year is easy and timely. Getting dust off of your counters and floors helps people with breathing issues, and spring is a time when allergies become a major concern, so this is very helpful. It's also a good time to put away your winter clothes you won't be needing during the summer season, and take all your summer clothes out of storage. 
We hope these tips help you to get your home ready for the summer, and keep you comfortable all throughout the season.

As we mentioned above as well, another thing you should be doing that isn't so DIY is scheduling an air conditioning maintenance call. We recommend doing this before the extremely hot weather for a few reasons.
  1. Get ahead of any repairs or replacements you may need. 
  2. Don't wait weeks because the HVAC contractor is too busy. 
  3. Keep your AC efficient and your energy bills down.
  4. Ensures your AC turns on once the hot weather starts. 
Schedule a Service
There are many reasons to have an air conditioning service done every season, and no matter what time of the season you do it, it's helpful. We only recommend having it done early because once it gets very hot out, our time usually fills up pretty quickly. We also recommend this before the beginning of the extremely hot weather because we want to make sure your system works. The worst feeling is having your AC not work at all once you go to turn it on. Don't wait for that first 90-degree day. Give us a call at (585) 641-3080 to set yourself up with an AC service! 
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