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Does a heat pump split system offer air conditioning?

Even though the word “heat” is in the name, a heat pump split system can also cool your home! The same setup that delivers warmth in the winter can also offer air conditioning in the summer. And, you get state-of-the-art climate control that uses less energy than traditional air conditioners.
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When it’s hot out, the air handlers inside your home draw in the heat. Then, they send that thermal energy outside while also dehumidifying the indoor air. In the winter, it works in reverse. This versatility is just part of why these setups, often called mini splits, are becoming more popular.

Heat pump vs central air conditioner

Heat pumps and central air conditioners use some similar methods to cool your home. Both systems draw heat from your house, then replace the air inside your home with air that’s cooler. What makes them different is:
  1. How they move air and heat
  2. How much you can customize them
  3. How much energy they use
  4. How many units you need
Let’s break these down.

Moving air and heat

With a central air conditioner, warm air moves through the vents to an evaporator coil that’s usually attached to your furnace. The coil removes the heat from the air. Then, the system transfers the heat to the outdoor condenser. Meanwhile, a fan blows the cool air back into your home. With a mini split, there’s no air leakage. The lines are sealed tight, unlike ductwork, so, you don’t lose any treated air along the way. Refrigerant lines connect the outdoor pump to the indoor air handler. The indoor unit draws in the air, which heats the refrigerant liquid. That liquid - and the heat - then travels to the outside pump. Then, the refrigerant cools back down, sending cool air back to the air handler.


Central air is powerful. But, it’s also often also one-size-fits-all. You have ductwork and vents leading to every room, but its all controlled by one thermostat. The problem is that heat tends to collect in different spots in the house. That's why upstairs rooms may feel hotter than downstairs room. With a mini split, each air handler has a thermostat on it. It creates what we call “zoned HVAC.” Each room with an air handler becomes a different zone, providing the perfect termperature in each room. 

Energy usage

A heat pump uses less electricity to provide the same amount of cooling as an air conditioner. A heat pump makes the most of the heat transfer cycle it uses. It just needs a small amount of power to get it going.

Benefits of electric heat pumps

The benefits of an electric heat pump are:
  1. Energy efficiency
  2. Both heating and cooling
  3. Dehumidification

Let’s take a closer look.

Benefits of heat pumps

Heat pump efficiency

The big benefit for most people is the cost savings month to month. That comes from how the heat pump does its job. There’s a good bit of science behind it. But, the long and short is that it harnesses a heat transfer process that occurs naturally. It only needs a little bit of electricity to keep a few parts moving. The rest happens automatically.

Heat pumps offer heating and cooling

In many cases, you can get all the heating and cooling you need in one relatively small appliance. That’s different from a large outdoor a/c condenser and an even bigger furnace inside your house. 

Dehumidification with a heat pump

All air conditioners remove moisture from the air inside. But, sometimes that’s not enough. A heat pump connected to ductless air handlers, however, can get the job done. The humidity removal is noticeable whether your heat pump is working on its own or supplementing a central AC system. With the added flexibility of ductless, you can zero in on the rooms that need the most treatment.

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Are you interested in replacing an old air conditioner with a state-of-the-art heat pump? Or are you looking to install a whole-home cooling solution for the first time in your home? Give us a call at (585) 641-3080, or email us at!
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