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Fairport Cottage Needs A New FurnaceOlder homes like this cottage-style home in Fairport are common throughout Rochester and surrounding communities. The homeowners heat the home with gas and had central air,but when they spoke with their neighbors, their RG&E bills were as much as some of their neighbors who live in bigger homes.  The homeowners gave us a call here at Airquip to look at their system and wanted to explore ways to keep their energy bills under control, no matter the weather.

Problem: Old inefficient gas furnace was costing the homeowners a ton of money every year to operate. Their home also didn’t seem to get as cool as they wanted during hot weather. They were looking for ways to ensure their home was toasty warm all winter long, and cool during the summer, but also wanted to reduce their energy bills, if possible.

Solution: Replace the old 80% efficient furnace with a new TRANE 96% AFUE two stage, variable speed furnace that will provide great comfort while reducing energy bills. At the same time, we replaced the AC condenser with a new TRANE air conditioner, that will provide amazing cooling all summer long.

When the homeowners called us here at Airquip, we took a look at their existing equipment, and knew immediately that we could fix their problem.  Over time, furnaces have changed quite a bit. Older furnaces have a pilot light that burns continuously, all year long. That alone could be costing you up to $170 dollars a year in energy costs! Newer furnaces have electronic ignition, eliminating the pilot light altogether.
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Newer furnaces from great companies like TRANE also have new two stage, variable speed options. What does this mean?
Older, single- stage systems, like the system these homeowners had is either  “On” or “off”. It only ever runs at full capacity, regardless of the temperature outside.  This is why when your furnace is on, the house gets warm, but then it turns off, gradually cooling off, until it gets cold enough to turn on again, giving you a roller coaster of hot and cold throughout your home. This leads to lots of hot and cold spots throughout your home, and very uneven heating.  It’s also why every grandmother in Monroe County will tell you to put on a sweater! They know the house isn’t always warm enough, but they also know messing with the thermostat means higher energy bills.
Newer two stage systems like the TRANE furnaces we recommend here at Airquip have two stages- high and low. Most of the time, a furnace can operate on the low setting, using smaller amounts of energy to keep your whole home warm.  When it gets really cold outside, the furnace will kick into high gear, adding more heat when it’s needed most.
A new Trane furnace keeps this home nice and warm all winter long nowNew furnaces can also be paired with a variable speed blower, which helps make sure all the heat produced by your furnace is more evenly distributed throughout your home. It has a feedback system that helps keep your home at a consistent temperature, using the least amount of energy possible, rather than having the big hot/cold cycles most of us have come to expect, especially in older homes. When paired with an efficient air conditioning condenser, these variable speed blowers ensure your whole home is comfortable, whether it’s the hottest day in summer or coldest day of winter.
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We recommended at new 96% efficient TRANE furnace with a variable speed motor for these homeowners, paired with a new TRANE AC condenser unit.  A new TRANE system will give them the warm heat throughout their home during cold weather, but also provide comfortable cooling in summer, while, minimizing hot and cold spots. The increased efficiency of these units, paired with the variable speed blower system will help save money on energy bills every month.
TRANE is also known for high quality, dependable systems. With proper registration and annual maintenance, TRANE offers a 10 year warranty on its systems and a twenty year warranty on heat exchangers- a great way to help you have peace of mind that you are getting a quality product that the manufacturer stands behind completely.
We know our homeowners will be thrilled with their new TRANE system, and the smaller energy bills they’ll see, no matter what Mother Nature dishes out. If you live in the greater Rochester metropolitan area, whether it’s Fairport, Penfield, Victor, Mendon, Pittsford, Irondequoit, Palmyra or even Canandaigua or Naples, give us a call here at Airquip and we’ll help you get the perfect heating and cooling system for your home.
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