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Newly installed Mitsubishi ductless energy efficient equipment in living room of a home.Save up to $4500 on New Ductless Mitsubishi Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment

Right now there are some fantastic rebates from NYSERDA on new Mitsubishi ductless energy efficient equipment. Currently there are about 30+ systems that qualify, and the rebates range from $500 - $4500. 

If you are in the market for a new air conditioning or heating system, here is what we recommend...

  • Set up a consultation with Airquip to see what system would fit your needs best
  • Work with our specialists to find you the best rebate available for the right system. 

If you aren't sure what kind of system you need, we can help. Having a professional take a look and give a recommendation makes sure you don't get a system that's too big or too small, and will give your home the exact comfort you are looking for! 

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If you know it's time for a new air conditioning or heating system, these rebates are an INCREDIBLE way to save money on the cost of your new system.

Several different kinds of systems are being offered with rebates...

  • Single Zone Systems - This takes care of a single zone in your home. Perfect for a supplement to a current system that may not be getting the job done, or maybe a particular space in the home where it doesn't seem to be comfortable
  • Multi Zone Systems - These systems cover different spaces all over the house. This allows for varying temperatures, and additional energy savings, because you aren't using maximum energy all of the time. With a zoned system, you don't have to treat the spaces in the home that aren't being used, leading to less energy used, and more money in your pocket.
  • Hyper Heat System - These are heat pumps that work in EXTREME cold. They can be used to air condition in the summer, as well as heat in the winter! 

As you can see, there are several options, and you may not always know what is best for you! We would love to help. Give us a call at (585) 641-3080, or email us at

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