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How A Nexia Thermostat Can Save You Money and Make Your ComfortableWhen you think about your air conditioning and heating systems, you probably think of the unit that sits outside or in your basement. What you probably don't think about as much is the thermostat that controls these units. Even though your thermostat isn't the thing that is producing the hot or cool air, it has a HUGE impact on your home comfort and energy bills. 

For years, thermostats were just a dial that hung on the wall. You could adjust the temperature to whatever you desire, and the thermostat would send a signal to your HVAC system to get going. Then the thermostat would read the temperature around it and make sure it gets to the proper levels before tell the system to shut off. This was a fine system, but obviously had a few flaws. 

For one, the thermostat would only be able to read the temperature AROUND it. So the room your thermostat was located in may be the perfect temperature, but as soon as you walk upstairs, or to a different room, the temperature may be MUCH different. This is a common problem with these traditional thermostats. They were simply designed to do 2 things. Read the temperature around it, and send the correct temperature setting to the HVAC system. There is no data to analyze. No gauge on how much energy is being used. It's a pretty simple setup, but years later, we have started to make some changes... 

Thermostats have become a great tool to help you keep your space more comfortable, while also saving energy and money. We want to tell you about a few great thermostats that we stand by, and love to install in our customers' homes and businesses. 

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Nexia Thermostats

Nexia thermostats are one of the leading products on the market, and with good reason. These thermostats are designed to make using them simple, while adding layers of comfort, convenience, and savings. Here are some of the best features that Nexia thermostats have to offer:

Access through your phone, tablet or computer - Nexia thermostats connect to your wifi, so you can access it any time of day from your smart phone, tablet, or computer. No more getting up and walking over to the thermostat on the wall the next time you need to adjust the temperature a bit. You can simply stay in bed or on the couch and make the changes you need. 

This is also valuable for when you are out of the house. Suppose you are coming home on a HOT day and you want to make sure the house is cool. You can hop on your phone, lower the temperature, and when you walk in the door it feels perfect! Or maybe you leave your house for a long time and forget to lower the AC setting. Just pop on your phone, make the adjustment, and don't waste energy cooling a home that no one will be in. The ease and convenience of using your phone are one of the coolest (pun intended) features of the Nexia thermostats! 

Setting Schedules - These systems allow you to set schedules for your week, based on what day it is, and what time of day it is. This allows you to stay comfortable without having to constantly adjust the thermostat, and also saves energy by not treating a space when it's not needed. This is great for homes that have a normal schedule (School, work, etc.), and especially commercial spaces like office buildings and businesses that have set hours. 

Tracks Humidity - Being able to detect humidity is one of the keys to creating a comfortable environment. In the past, air conditioning systems would compensate for high humidity with more cooling. Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air, and when there is too much, it carries that hot, sticky feeling with it. Today, certain air conditioning systems have settings to deal purely with humidity. A 72 degree house with high humidity VS a 72 degree house with low humidity feel VERY different. Sometimes you can ease your energy bills, as well as the strain on your AC system by simply measuring the humidity and lowering it. Not all thermostats have this ability, but the Nexia systems can take account for the relative humidity in the air, using that information to make your space more comfortable.

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Voice Control and Automation - The Nexia 1050 allows for voice control, so you don't even have to touch a button to make an adjustment. You can also hook it up to other wifi capable devices such as lights and doors. More and more companies are making appliances wifi compatible, such as refrigerators, doors, washing machines, and the list goes on! Adding a Nexia system like this gives you a step in that direction of making your home an easier, more comfortable place to live.

Energy Star Certified - These Nexia thermostats are Energy Star Certified, meaning that they have been certified as energy efficient compared to similar products on the market. This will help you reduce energy use, and your bills! 

Provide Diagnostics - These thermostats take account for how much energy is being used, and when. You can then download this information to see how your energy usage has been coming along. This is a great way to measure how much money you plan to spend on bills, and account for how well your HVAC systems are working. If you notice it takes tons of energy even if the weather isn't too bad, it can give you an inidication that maybe you need some routine maintenance, or it's time for a new system. Either way, making sure you are measuring your energy use will help you in the long run.

If you have an old knob of a thermostat sitting on your wall, you may want to see how one of these Nexia thermostats can improve your home. Make your home more comfortable, save money and energy. Seems like a win-win!
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