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Are Furnace Tune-Ups Worth it For Rochester, NY Homes?

Are Furnace Tune-Ups Worth it For Rochester, NY Homes?Is a furnace tune-up worth it for your Rochester, NY home? We certainly think so. After all, it’s a service Airquip offers all its customers. It’s also a service that leaves those customers satisfied. So, there must be something to it, right?

In this post, we’re pulling back the curtain a little on what exactly goes on when you get service or regular maintenance. Sure, you’ve probably heard that you need one every fall. But what is it? And why do you need it?

Let’s take an in-depth look at both those questions. And, feel free to reach out if you have any more questions about it — or if you’re ready to schedule one for your home.

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What Do You Get With a Furnace Tune-Up?

The exact items you get with a furnace tune-up vary from company to company. But, in general, you can expect your tech to:
  1. Check the Thermostat
  2. Inspect the Heat Exchanger
  3. Check the blower, motor and electrical connections
  4. Inspect and lubricate the fan, burner motors, and circulator
  5. Clean the burner, chamber, and ignition system
Let’s take a quick, closer look at these items.

Checking the Thermostat

Checking on the thermostat is simple, but importantThe first step is calibrating the thermostat. This way, you’re sure it’s reading the temperature correctly and sending the right signals to your furnace.

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This is more of a problem for older models. But, even today’s smart thermometers need checking every so often.

Inspecting the Heat Exchanger

This is an especially important item. If there’s a crack in your heat exchanger, there’s a very good chance you’ll end up with a carbon monoxide leak in the house. And, it’s not a component you can see or visually inspect yourself.

Checking the blower, motor and electrical connections

The blower and motor are integral parts of your furnace. If they’re worn down or broken, you’ll soon be without heat. Finding a problem before it reaches a critical point could prevent a much bigger problem.

Inspect and Lubricate the fan, burner motors, and circulator

These are moving parts inside the system. So, along with checking to make sure they’re working, your HVAC tech will also lubricate these parts. Doing this makes sure they’ll be in great shape for the long winter ahead.

Clean the burner, chamber, and ignition system.

These are the areas where the gas in your furnace mixes with the air and combusts. The process generates the heat you feel in your house. But, it’s a delicate balance. Too much air and it won’t work properly. Not enough air, and you can end up with a backdraft or a carbon monoxide problem.

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Why Should I Get a Tune-Up For My Furnace?

Getting a Tune-Up for your furnace:
  • Avoids Preventable Breakdowns
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Makes Your Home More Comfortable
  • Saves You Money
  • Lengthens The Lifespan Of Your System

Avoiding Preventable Breakdowns

Here’s the biggest reason to get your furnace serviced: Keeping it working all winter.

That’s why checking all those parts before you need them is crucial. If they’re going to break down, it will likely happen when the system is working its hardest. It’s under the most stress in January and February, when you really don’t want to be without heat.

Then, you’ll shell out money for more than the repairs. There’s a good chance of a breakdown that a tech can’t repair. Or, at the least, you pay for priority service instead of waiting a long time for repairs during the busy season.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Changing the air filter keeps the air in your home clean! Changing your air filter every season keeps your home healthier. A deep cleaning for your entire HVAC system does even more for your air quality.

Dust, debris, and dirt naturally build up inside the furnace. And, as that junk makes its way through the system, it also gets into the air in your home. But, unlike a filter, you can’t access all the places you need to clean. It’s dangerous to do on your own. At the least, there’s a good chance you’ll break something or void the warranty.

Making Your Home More Comfortable

The better your system works, the more comfortable you’ll feel all winter. And, that’s not just because the furnace is working when you need it. It’s also working well. And that makes a big difference.

An HVAC system that’s struggling to keep up won’t provide enough heat. It’ll have trouble pushing enough air to circulate through the house, for instance. Or, the air circulates, but it’s not warm enough.

Maintenance For Your Heater

Even more annoying is if you suddenly notice cold air blowing when you want heat. Not only is it uncomfortable. It’s a sign that there’s something wrong with the system.

Saving You Money

Sure, we’ve offered plenty of good reasons here to get your HVAC system serviced. But, let’s be honest, here’s the real reason most people use to justify the low cost of maintenance. It’s the money they’ll save in the long run.

This benefit happens in two ways. First, there’s avoiding breakdowns. It’s much less expensive for a tech to spot a worn-out part and replace it before it causes a more significant problem. Once the system stops working, you’re paying at least for a repair call.

Then, it’s likely that the one problem part caused something else wrong to happen. Then, the cost starts mounting. So, fixing the problem before it takes hold is good for your wallet.

Saving Money Every Month

Second is a more subtle benefit: Lower heating bills.

We mentioned before that the system runs better when it’s in good shape. And, that when it’s stressed, it doesn’t work as well.

Well, when it’s overworked, it’s also using more resources. That means more gas you’re paying for each month. If you’re looking to save some money this winter, and have some peace of mind when the weather gets cold, call Airquip at (585) 641-3080 for furnace service today. We’ll make sure your HVAC system is ready for the freezing temperatures ahead.
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