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Four Reasons Your Rochester, NY Home Needs an AC Tune-Up

When it comes to spring cleaning, don’t forget your air conditioner! Just like changing the oil in your car, your HVAC system needs regular maintenance. 

In this article, we’ll quickly go over what you get when a licensed and certified HVAC tech takes care of this for you.

And, if you’re still on the fence, we’ll give you four great reasons to set up an appointment before the weather gets warmer here in Rochester, NY.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, or if you’re ready to make an appointment, call or email us at Airquip.

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What is an AC Tune-Up?

An AC tune-up is when an HVAC tech inspects and cleans your entire cooling system.

During this process, they will check all the electrical connections and run diagnostic tests to make sure everything is working properly. Then, they’ll clean out all the inner components as well as the fan blade and finds.

Finally, they’ll replace any worn-out or broken parts. Catching them now means they don’t have the chance to cause bigger problems down the line. If you have to, you can even get it done later in the season, even if you are already using it this year. As long as it’s off when the tech gets there, you’re good to go.

The entire process takes about an hour as long as there are no problems. And, for that quick visit, you’ll have peace of mind, less hassle, and better comfort all summer long. Let’s find out why.

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Benefits of an Air Conditioner Tune-Up in Rochester, NY

The benefits of an air conditioner tune-up are:
  1. Your home is more comfortable
  2. Your energy bill is lower
  3. There’s less chance of a breakdown
  4. Your air quality improves
Here’s a breakdown of each point

Your home is more comfortable

When your central air is optimized and working at its peak, it’s going to do its job much better. That means your home stays cool more consistently. And, you won’t notice those pesky warm spots in various rooms.

There are plenty of things that can go wrong with an air conditioner.

But, most of them won’t cause a breakdown that tells you it’s time to call a professional. At least, they won’t right away. Instead, you’ll start noticing small problems like the drop in comfort.

Another big problem that’ll bug you? Excess humidity. Part of the cooling process is removing moisture from the air. The more humid it is, the hotter and less comfortable you feel.

Making sure your unit is in excellent condition prevents these issues. And, it makes things easier on your wallet, too.

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Your energy bill is lower

If your system isn’t running well, it’s struggling to get the job done. And, most times, that means it’s using more energy than it should to cool your home.

That means your electric bill will be much higher than it should. And, air conditioning already has a significant impact on your bill even when it’s working well.

Fortunately, a good cleaning can make a huge difference. Making sure air can flow easily means your AC needs much less power to keep you comfortable. Of course, if your unit is reaching the ten-year mark or more, it probably won’t ever work as efficiently as it once did.

So, as you start considering replacements, keep an eye out for high-efficiency options. These can be traditional models that are now made to perform the same job or better with less power.

Or, you can look into more state-of-the-art solutions such as ductless mini splits. These setups often do a much better job keeping your entire house cool. And, they use a fraction of the power a regular AC requires.

There’s less chance of a breakdown

We’ve about the issues you can start facing if your air conditioner isn’t ready for the summer. And, we hinted at what can happen if you ignore them. Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: A full-on breakdown.

That’s when the system’s had enough and won’t turn on at all. It could mean anything from a few days of sweating to a high repair bill, to a new system altogether. Part of the problem occurs before the tech even gets there: The amount of time it takes before he can make it out. During the busy seasons — summer and winter — the best HVAC companies in your area are jam-packed. As a result, many people get wait-listed as the techs work down the list of customers in the order they called.

Next, if you let enough problems go long enough, you’re looking at a bigger problem. That small break a few months ago will eventually affect other components until you’re looking at a major repair.

So, avoid an interruption to your summer by heading off all these issues before the temperatures rise.

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Your air quality improves

Finally, let’s get back to comfort. In particular, the ability to breathe easy in your home. Summer can be a rough time for indoor air quality.

You’re in pollen season, so all sorts of allergens are floating around. But you’ve got your windows closed. So those and other airborne contaminants collect in your home.

Now, if your HVAC system is running smoothly, it will get rid of a lot of those pollutants. Your AC — and heater in winter — draws in the air along with circulating it out from the vents. When the air and those contaminants hit the filter, the dirt, allergens, and other debris get trapped. Then, they don’t re-circulate. But, put a kink in that system somewhere, and you won’t get those results. Another problem is the humidity again. Water vapor in the air can cause dust, dirt, debris, and allergens to hang in the air.

Those tiny particles stick to the moisture. Now, they’re not settling on the ground or furniture. Instead, they’re lingering, just waiting for you to breathe them in. That becomes a big problem if your system isn’t dehumidifying properly.

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Air Conditioner Tune-Ups in Rochester, NY

An air conditioner is a great first step toward a great summer. As spring rolls around, remember to include this in your cleaning routine and warm weather prep. If you live in Rochester or elsewhere Upstate New York, call, or email here at Airquip for your service.
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