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Everyone wants to save money and feel more comfortable at home. But with an older air conditioning system, that can be a tricky combination to achieve. You can adjust the thermostat to produce cooler air, but your energy bills go up accordingly. And sometimes the thermostat doesn't help at all, not if the system has seen better days. 

If you're trying to decide whether it's time to replace your air conditioner, talk with the experts at Airquip to learn about your options. Until then, here are a few home evaluations that you can make on your own:

Your System is More Than 10 Years Old

The lifespan of an air conditioning unit goes on the decline after about 10 to 15 years. Although yours might be in great shape for a decade and counting, it's not unusual for other problems to start creeping up when the system is a little older. At 10 years, it's reasonable to start shopping for something new, such as a Trane air conditioning system. 

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Repairs and Related Costs are Racking Up

All air conditioners need repairs once in a while. But if yours is out of service as much as it's not, or if repair costs start to pinch, it's time to think about whether you should keep it. Some repairs happen sooner than they should if an over sized unit is installed. When an air conditioner is too big for the job, it cycles on and off frequently, which can cause the system to break down sooner than it should.

The House Isn't Cool Enough

During some parts of summer, most air conditioners really get a workout. But if your home isn't cool enough, you might need a replacement. Another reason for a too-warm house is a problem with the refrigerant level. A service call can determine whether you need more, or if the whole system is slowly giving up the ghost. 

Energy Bills are Sky High

An inefficient air conditioner requires too much electricity to cool your home. If your cooling bills are higher than what seems reasonable, a more efficient system can help. Trane's air conditioning works smarter, not harder. It eliminates more humidity than a traditional unit, which means your home feels cooler at a slightly higher temperature than with a less efficient system. 

The System is Too Noisy

All air conditioners make some noise, but rattles, clanks and other unusual sounds mean something isn't working properly. If you catch it early, the problem might be repairable. But if it's not, replacement lets you start saving energy and money sooner instead of later. A high efficiency system from Trane is most certainly quieter than your old unit, and chances are, it produces less noise than a new traditional heat pump. 


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Air Quality is Dropping

Air conditioning units filter indoor air, which should make your home fresher smelling and cleaner, too. But when air quality drops off, there may be a problem with the system. Pet dander, dust and pollen can spread through the house. Moisture can also build up, leading to mold and mildew in some areas, especially windows. A Trane system produces clean, filtered air and virtually eliminates excess humidity. 

The decision to replace your air conditioning isn't a light one. If yours is still repairable, it might not be quite time. The experts at Airquip can help explain the pros and cons of keeping it or buying something new.

Call Airquip today at 585-641-3080 for an air conditioning checkup, and to learn about all of your options. This might not be the summer when you replace what you've got, but knowledge is power. When the time is right, Airquip will be there to install an energy saving system that makes your home as comfortable as it can be. 

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