Coronavirus Safety Precautions + Service Information
I Have No Cooling
You May Have A Tripped Circuit Breaker
Recommended Action: Check your home circuit breaker box and reset circuit breaker. If it trips again either right away or after some time, Call Airquip, 585-641-3080, for a service call right away.

Your Thermostat/Control May Be Off Or Set Incorrectly
Recommended Action: Check to make sure your thermostat/control is on and set to cool. Reset to your desired temperature.

Your Indoor Unit Is Running But The Outdoor Unit Is Not
Recommended Action: Air coming through your vent will be warm. Check the settings on the thermostat. Is the set to temperature lower than the inside temperature? If no, lower the set temperature, if yes, contact us as soon as possible for a service call.

Your Thermostat May Be Off Or Set Incorrectly
Recommended Action: Make sure your thermostat is on and set to cool. If thermostat is on, reset thermostat to your desired temperature.
I Have No Airflow
You May Have Dirty Filters
Recommended Action: Check the filters in each of your system’s components. Clean or replace filters as recommended in your use and care guide. If problem persists, please contact our Airquip service department.

Your System May Have Frozen Up Due To A Variety Of Causes
Recommended Action: Check for signs of water below unit, cold exterior surface of indoor coil enclosure and ice formation on the refrigerant lines just on the outside of the indoor coil. Contact your Airquip service department, 585-641-3080. In the meantime, turn your thermostat off and Fan to the On position, let it run for 1 to 3 hours to see if it will defrost.
My Utility Bill Is Unusually High
If Your System Is Reaching Its Set Point, Is It Working Correctly? Have Your Local Temperatures Been Extreme Lately?
Recommended Action: Check the following: Is your system cycling constantly? Is your thermostat reaching its set value? Do you have any new appliances (e.g., a hot tub or pool heater) that use lots of power? Have you checked to see if your local utility company had a recent rate increase? Are your bills based on estimated reads or actual?
If your system is not reaching its set point, please call 585-641-3080 to contact your Airquip service department.
My System Is Constatnly Running
Your System Could Be Trying To Reach A Set Point That Is Too Extreme
Recommended Action: Check the set point on your thermostat. Is it set to more than 15F below the outdoor temperature? If so, raise the thermostat set point as Air Conditioning systems are typically designed to cool to 15F below the Outdoor temperature. If this is not why your system is running constantly, contact us as soon as possible to diagnose your unit.
My Drain Pan Is Overflowing
The Overflow Switch Is Probably Not Working
Recommended Action: Turn off your system and contact your Airquip service department.
My System Is Malfunctioning
Check Any Of The Above Troubleshooting Issues For Help
Recommended Action: If none of the troubleshooting answers address your problem, then contact your Airquip service department.
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